Better Every Day® was created from an inspiring combination of the love for fitness and performance, The Relentless Pursuit for Excellence, and an overall positive lifestyle. Created by Master Trainer and Educator Trevor Anderson, CSCS (“Coach TA”), we aim to serve our community and beyond at the highest level of fitness, performance, and physical education. From professional athletes looking to maximize their performance, to building confidence in our young athletes by improving their "physical literacy", and for the everyday fitness enthusiast that wants to look and feel their best, our functional training and movement-based philosophy  includes all ages, all sports, and all activities.   


Train individually with TA, using programs specific to your individual goals


From small groups to teams, allow TA to coach you to maximize your performance


Can't meet in person? Train with TA online with detailed, customized workout plans

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Click on the images below and follow the links for more info about these BETTER EVERY DAY® performance partners and affiliates.

BETTER EVERY DAY® is proud to partner with UA to make all athletes BETTER, through passion, design, and the relentless pursuit of innovation, as a member the the UA Training Team.

TRX Suspension and Rip Training believes in training MOVEMENT, not just muscle, producing best-in-class training equipment and programming for all levels.

BETTER EVERY DAY® is honored to partner with the amazing "R9 Academy" as our "home field", including 4 fields, three with synthetic grass, and one with natural grass. 

BETTER EVERY DAY® Performance Institute works with every level, from top pros of all sports, to active moms, to the youth, and working professionals including all  ages, goals, and activities.