Better Every Day® was created from an inspiring combination of the love for fitness and performance, The Relentless Pursuit for Excellence, and an overall positive lifestyle, by Trevor Anderson, CSCS (“Coach TA”). As progressive styles of exercise, such as Functional Training and Movement-Based protocols, have begun to revolutionize the fitness and performance industry, Better Every Day proudly remains aggressively on the front edge of this movement. From professional athletes looking to maximize their performance, to young athletes improving their physical literacy through Long Term Athletic Development, the functional training and movement-based philosophy of Better Every Day® includes all ages, all sports, and all activities.   

 TA is frequently featured as the Golf Performance Expert on the The Golf Channel's "Morning Drive".  Click on the images below for some of the past Interviews! 

TA had a great interview with Gary Williams about GOLFleticism®, movement, and enhancing Golf Performance, on The Golf Channel's "Morning Drive"
TA talking about activation and Dynamic Stability to improve GOLFleticism® and Golf Performance with Matt Ginella on The Golf Channel's "Morning Drive".
Tweets from BETTER EVERY DAY® @TA2claps

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