TA, after a TRX "Master Class" with TRX creator Randy Hetrick (@RandyHetrick), Fitness Quest 10 owner Todd Durkin (@ToddDurkin), TRX Director of Training Fraser Quelch (@FQuelch), and Under Armour Director of Performance Nate Costa (@FX_STUDIOS)

Better Every Day® utilizes a functional training and movement-based philosophy to achieve results. Using scientific foundations of the BETTER EVERY DAY Training philosophy, the Suspension Training and Rip Training methodology of TRX, and the athletic regeneration and movement preparation protocols of ROTEX Therapy, we challenge the body and mind to enhance performance.

 "We achieve our Mental Toughness through our Physical Challenges" - TA 

 Better Every Day® addresses the needs and challenges of people of all types.  We understand that fitness is personal, and even emotional, and we are here to make sure that you are able to make immediate progress.  No matter what your goals are, we will help you to engage in the most efficient program possible to help you accomplish them.  Some of the positive results that Better Every Day® has helped people accomplish are:

  Fat Loss


  Lower Blood Pressure

  Improved Cholesterol Levels

  Injury Prevention

  Improved Sleep

  Enhanced Movement 

  Increased Range of Motion 



Better Every Day uses TRX Training to enhance fitness, movement, and performance. As a TRX Master Instructor, Trevor Anderson works with TRX to teach the Suspension Training Course (STC), Functional Training Course (FTC), and Rip Training Course (RTC) education classes across the globe to trainers, coaches, instructors, therapists and medical professionals, and athletes of all types.  He teaches these classes each month to qualify people to implement the TRX training methods into their routines!

Our relationships in the fitness and performance industry give us an unbelievable platform to help athletes and general fitness enthusiasts of all ages.   Join us NOW to get started with one of the best decisions that you will ever make! 

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