"Better Every Day® is committed to helping people of all ages enhance their quality of life, achieve a greater level of success, and truly find their own personal EXCELLENCE. We endeavor to EDUCATE students of all disciplines, MOTIVATE athletes of all ages, and INSPIRE people of all levels and goals".  

Better Every Day® is fueled by the spirit of EXCELLENCE, and endeavors to make a difference through:


Be educated by the best in the industry! Through our Performance Education, we train trainers, coach coaches, and teach teachers - yet never graduate from being students.


Our coaches will motivate you to achieve the best results by helping you reach into and follow your passions, visions, and goals.


We learn FROM and train WITH the best, maturing through each experience. We know that "GOOD enough is NOT enough", and we will NEVER be out worked!  


Trevor Anderson, CSCS (T.A.) is the Owner and Founder of Better Every Day®.  He is a renowned Speaker,  Performance Educator, and a Multi-Sport Performance Expert. Strategically located at Better Every Day® headquarters in Central Florida, Trevor coaches and mentors the youth, educates teachers and trainers, and helps perople everywhere find their best self. His experiences as a professional athlete, and as a performance trainer and educator for professionals and amateurs in various sports, have shaped his career with practical and applied experience. His qualifications include, but are not limited to:

   NSCA - Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Since 2003

   Under Armour - Master Performance Trainer / Brand Ambassador / UA Training Team / UA All-America / UA NEXT Football Director of Performance

   TRX - Master Instructor

   USA Track & Field - Level One Certified Track Coach



Trevor Anderson, CSCS is originally from Sarasota, Florida, and a 1999 graduate of the University of Central Florida. A multi-sport athlete, he played professional football for three years, and is one of the pioneers of the popular extreme basketball sport SlamBall, competing in the first International SlamBall tournament in China, winning the Championship and achieving MVP Honors!  

T.A. has been training and coaching in the fitness industry for over 26 years, gathering experience and learning from the best coaches, training the best athletes, and working with many of the top companies in the industry. His multi-sport and multi-modality approach keeps his sessoins interesting and educational, as well as challenging enough to get the best out of each athlete and client. His enthusiastic personality and style keep sessions fun and exciting!


TA lost his father, William "Eagle" Anderson to cancer in 2009, and the wings on the logo represent him. His motivation, drive, and relentless pursuit for excellence were instilled in him by Eagle and his mother Vicki, and live on through the company and his personal life as strong as ever today. As a result of his father's teachings, Trevor's personal philosophies are: 

  "GOOD Enough is NOT Enough"

  "Out Work Everybody" (OWE) 


TA leads by example, and demands personal excellence from each of his trainees. He is a passionate educator and motivator. His attention to detail, and his hunger for increased knowledge and understanding allows him to set positive examples for each and every one of his clients - and we know that Eagle is proud!

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